We Buy Rental Properties

We Buy Rental Properties In Edmonton, No Realtors! It does not matter where your home is located we are looking  to buying! Edmonton Home Buyers is looking for good quality cash flowing houses or Condos. No matter the type of property if it’s in good enough condition to rent we would be interested in talking to you! Maybe your rental property is a little run down? That’s not a big deal! We also buy Infill Land – this is a good solution if your house is in a central neighborhood

What if I currently live in my house? Your home may be perfect as rental property even if you’re living there right now! Edmonton Home Buyers looks for rental properties in central or semi-central neighborhoods. The reason we buy rental properties is to hold and then either Renovate or Redevelop! In Edmonton we look for homes or condos between 100,00 – $400,000. Please get in touch if you think we may be interested in renting out your home!


How We Buy Rental Properties


Step 1

Contact us and tell us your properties address, price expectations and home sale timeline. 


Step 2

My Realtor will do some research on your rental property and tell you whether we’re interested & provide a price range we would be willing to buy at.


Step 3

If our price expectations match lets meet! We’ll take a look at the house and decide on an exact price we would offer to buy your home for. No Realtors Involved!

Speak to My Realtor

10926 163rd Street NW Edmonton Alberta

780 306 1649

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