Homes We’ve Bought and Reno’d!

Please take a look at our last few projects. What do you think? Beyond just reno projects we also buy rental properties and Tear Downs. Of course those are both a bit less interesting!

Cabin Build  

Developed with a first floor garage, this 1700 square foot custom built cabin was really a challenge. Located on a lake in Alberta my biggest issue was ensuring my costs were correct when it came to my trades – especially insulation, as we wanted this all seasons cabin to be as comfortable as possible.

 After I finished the build in October of 2020 we had a beautiful vaulted ceiling, 2 bed 2 bath craftsman style cozy cabin with all the most premium finishings; including a hardie board exterior and metal roof!

The biggest challenge on this project was working with the customer. Being custom built I had many instances where we needed to slow down the process and ensure all the correct decisions were made. Especailly regarding the finishing touches!




This home was challenging in comparison to Laurier Heights. A smaller bungalow, just under a thousand square feet. With 2 bedrooms upstairs and a small difficult bathroom layout I had my work cut out for me.

To make up for the small square footage I wanted every small detail in this property to be perfect. I spent additional money on layout upgrades, spray foam insulation, the finishings and flooring. I always put my best foot forward for all my renovation projects but this time I feel I went over and above.

I feel great about how it turned out and I’m always glad to see my hard work pay off!



Laurier heights, a much different neighborhood than Beverly! This reno was a complete gut. Walls were removed, plumbing was completely replaced and we had to practically remove an entire forest in the backyard. 

This 3 bedroom 1200 square foot home had everything redone. My favorite part of this renovation project was our open concept living room kitchen. To create a truly enjoyable space I did 2 things. I called my engineer and had him provide his advice on how to open the entire living room. Once this was completed I had my framers increase the size of the front window, practically making it a floor to ceiling window. 

This was a smooth project without any issues! 


Beverly Heights Reno!

The Beverly renovation project was my first time venturing outside the West End. The project itself wasn’t unique, a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom bungalow.. but the new neighborhood and the impending COVID restrictions that were implemented mid reno were quite a shock. 

I wasn’t too sure I would be able to sell this home given the new restrictions but I am happy to say we were able to sell it within a week of hitting the market. If this renovation project taught me anything it was that quality of work truly matters. If I hadn’t put the quality of finishings into this house that I had, I’m worried it may have taken months to sell. 

Here’s to hoping I never have to sell a property during a lockdown ever again! 


DOVERCOURT ROUND 2 Renovation Project

Purchased off market while I was completing my first Dovercourt renovation I discussed below, this is one of my favorite projects! With only a single car garage and 2 bedrooms upstairs after completing the renovations I listed it for $375,000 and my Realtor was able to sell it in 7 days for $370,000. 

 With this project I chose to keep the original layout and move away from the open concept design. I figured this would be best as the house was relatively small in comparison to my previous developments. The biggest challenge I had was the main floor bathroom. Figuring out how to improvise a vanity in the small space provided was difficult but we figured it out!


DOVERCOURT Renovation Project

Dovercourt has been one of our most exciting and transformational
renovations yet. From start to finish, we successfully completed our
total renovation in 31 long days!  Our team pulled together to deliver an
incredible product to hit the YEG real estate market. After just one day on market we were able to sell this beautiful bungalow for just below asking!

This project was jam packed with activity the minute keys were
released to us. With the on site bin delivered, our demo crew got
right to work gutting the interior completely. With the floor plan now clear and open, our electricians, plumbers and exterior painters got right to work.

On the main floor, cabinets were installed, bathtubs updated, doors
hung and out original hardwood floors refinished. Day by day this
project was starting to look like a home. This was an amazing Home Renovation. If you’d like to hear the whole story check out our blog post!

MAYFIELD Renovation Project

As with most rehab real estate projects, our intentions for this flip was to completely update every square foot of this property creating an exciting, vibrant and cozy new home for our buyers. Renovations can be a logistical battle and thus,, planning and organization is extremely important.

Demolition  began the minute keys were released. This is always an exciting part of a  flip. It’s a mess, it’s chaotic and it’s the point that signals no turning back! We installed high end luxury laminate flooring, new doors and added contemporary flat board mouldings. The kitchen cabinets were installed next, alongside work on the exterior paint and landscaping.

One of our favourite finishes for this flip was the massive island in kitchen which is a huge value added update for a smaller mid century bungalow. The kitchen was spacious and one could envision hosting and entertaining with ease and excitement. We used high end granite countertops to finish off the cabinet installation and complimented the look with a modern marble stone backsplash. The fruits of our labour soon paid off and thanks to our remarkable team and real estate professional we listed this home and accepted an offer in 9 days. Take a look at our blog post for more info on this flip!

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