After Closing

As with most rehab real estate projects, our intentions for this flip was to completely update every square foot of this property creating an exciting, vibrant and cozy new home for our buyers. Renovations can be a logistical battle and thus,, planning and organization is extremely important.

Demolition  began the minute keys were released. This is always an exciting part of a  flip. It’s a mess, it’s chaotic and it’s the point that signals no turning back! After demolition and clean up,  it’s time to get creative and start spending some money on improvements. We consulted with our engineer to open up the wall separating the kitchen from the front living space to turn this once small 900 sq ft bungalow into a spacious open floor plan providing natural light and flow to  the property.

After Demolition

Electrical rough-in’s and plumbing updates were next. We added recessed lighting to the kitchen, relocated the kitchen sink, installed a new soaker tub and shower followed by all new and updated bathroom fixtures. By week two we had drywall installed, walls repaired, and holes filled just in time for paint. By the time mud  and tape  is complete, the process really starts coming together and the project starts to take shape.

We installed high end luxury laminate flooring, new doors and added contemporary flat board mouldings. The kitchen cabinets were installed next, alongside work on the exterior paint and landscaping.

One of our favourite finishes for this flip was the massive island in kitchen which is a huge value added update for a smaller mid century bungalow. The kitchen was spacious and one could envision hosting and entertaining with ease and excitement. We used high end granite countertops to finish off the cabinet installation and complimented the look with a modern marble stone backsplash. Appliances were ordered the property was coming close to completion.

After The Easy Stuff (Finishing Work)

With most renovations, the last 5% seems to take the longest. There are always so many minor details that need to be met with incredible amounts of attention. Door hardware, light fixtures, trims, knobs etc. There seems to always be a list of tasks that has yet to be completed.

Once the home stretch is in sight walking into each flip becomes incredibly rewarding and a time to marvel the hard work, planning and attention to detail that is invested into each of our projects. For us, this property holds a special place in our accomplishments because it’s such a rewarding feeling to restore something old neglected to become a brand new home that we are truly proud of.

The fruits of our labour soon paid off and thanks to our remarkable team and real estate professional we listed this home and accepted an offer in 9 days.  

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