The kitchen is the heart of home. It’s the central gathering spot for family, a space for sharing and entertaining. It’s your homes’ focal point – adding value to your kitchen can go a long way. 

My Kitchen Renovation Experience

With my first kitchen I found it difficult to find any detailed sources on how much a kitchen renovation actually costs. I spent hours breaking down my budget. I asked industry professionals and searching the internet to find a detailed kitchen cost breakdown. I still couldn’t find what I was looking for! So I decided I’d provide a full detailed cost breakdown of what someone in our region (Edmonton, Ab, Canada) dated November 2019, should expect to spend on kitchen renovations. Keep in mind this is from my experience. I have renovated 4 homes in the past year and a half and still have adjustments and cost changes from property to property. I hope this will provide a decent idea as to what your kitchen renovations will cost!

The Kitchen Renovation Steps

Let’s start with the basics. Demolition. This can be basically free if you do the demo yourself. Cost of disposal can run about 100 bucks if you use a big bag, or drop off at your local dump. secondly, disposal can be truly free if you dispose your waste into household bags and set out for local pickup. 

To be relatively simple, I won’t be including the costs of electrical changes or changes to plumbing as these costs can vastly vary based on each kitchen and layout. For this articles, I’ll discuss material costs, labour costs and overall estimates that can pretty much be applied universally across the board. 

The Fundamental items you’ll need are as follows: 

Kitchen cabinets, Countertops, Tile, Flooring, Faucet + kitchen sink Hardware (cabinet hardware) Appliances, Light fixtures. 

Kitchen cabinets also vary from supplier and style. For my kitchens, I use solid wood, soft close shaker styler cabinets. High quality and great value. Every house we renovate we like to open up a wall and create an open kitchen plan which includes an island or peninsula with a breakfast bar. For the kitchen below, our total material cost for cabinets came to $3133.00. Installation cost $555.00, crown moulding $120, delivery $150 and standard Satan nickel or black handles were included from my supplier.

Typically I prefer to install flooring before cabinets as this requires less cutting and precision when installing your floors. It also provides a more level surface for your cabinets to sit flush and level on. For this kitchen we installed 12 x 24” tile which totalled $1.69 a square ft. Our kitchen was roughly 150 square feet thus our tile cost was $280. (We make sure to buy extra for future use and waste). 

Labour for tile setting is around $4.00 a square ft. for labour. Then add on detra underlay plus edging, reducers and schluter, total cost to install with material for install came to roughly $700. Brining our total tile plus install cost to roughly $1000.

Countertops vary in a wide price range. For our kitchen our Quartz counters cost $2050 which includes measuring, polish, cutting installation and a stainless steel under mount sink all included. 

Backsplash for this kitchen totalled $250 for subway tile. Installation totalled $400 thus, our total backsplash cost came to $650. 

Appliances can usually be purchase at discount when buying a complete kitchen bundle. This includes a fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave. We added an over the range hood fan and our total appliance cost came to roughly $2300 for our stainless steel package. 

Light fixtures we bought on discount. We purchased three island pendants and flush mount lighting which totalled $200. 

The total cost for this kitchen came to roughly $10,500. Top to bottom all in. I hope this helps you guys! If you’d rather just sell your home to a renovator than get mixed up in this mess, Contact Us!

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