Improving the curb appeal of your house can seriously increase your homes resale value. My favourite and most cost-effective strategies to improve the curb appeal of your house is to simply paint. Painting is hands down the most cost-effective way to completely change the way your house looks and feels. Replacing siding or doing stucco can cost you thousands of dollars. Painting however, can give the same impression for a fraction of the price.

There is a common misconception that vinyl siding cannot be painted. This is certainly not true. In many cases vinyl siding can be one of the best siding materials to paint due to its ease in cleaning and durability. Frankly, almost any siding can be painted.

For this project, I wanted to paint the stucco from its original boring yellow beige to something more modern. Typically, I would spray stucco if it has never been painted before as rolling can chip away the small pebbles. Luckily, the beige stucco was previously sprayed so rolling on the paint was all that had to be done.

Step 1

I started by washing the house down with a hose and followed behind with a broom to loosen up any debris and cobwebs. I followed up with a quick rinse and allowed the clean siding to dry over night.

I used a high quality, paint and primer suitable for Edmonton’s climate and for exterior use. The paint colour seen here is called intergalactic grey I chose this because of its modern grey look with notes of navy-blue undertones. I began by using a roller with a paint stick and applied the first coat to all accessible surfaces that didn’t require a ladder. For higher up areas a ladder would be required. I then used a medium sized brush to cut into the edges and finish the spots I was unable to cover with the roller.

I only applied one coat and was generous on the amount of paint I used. I was happy with the coverage of the first coat, so I only did an additional coat in areas with blemishes or poor coverage. For the wood panels at the front door; I chose to use a copper-brown called “toasted bagel”. I’m pleased with how it turned out it gives this house an updated and modern look!

Step 2

For the from address numbers and mailbox I chose a strategy to save a few bucks, I simply removed the numbers and mailbox, cleaned them down and then sprayed them with a metal surface spray paint. This is such an easy and cost-effective way to change the look of exterior fixtures.

Step 3

I finished the look by purchasing a black exterior light fixture and prefaced the existing one with a more modern appeal. Stealing some advice from my last post on cheap renovation tricks, replacing the light fixture made a huge impact on the final product. This brand-new look took me two half days of labour and a bit of searching online for design ideas and colour schemes that I liked.

$200 – that was the total cost, can you believe that? All this included was the paint, a few rollers, two brushes, black spray paint and a light fixture that was on sale. Think this post was educational? Check out what else we’ve got going on at EdmontonHomeBuyers!

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