Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinets are certainly not cheap. For most kitchen renovations, homeowners can spend anywhere from 5 to 10k just on cabinets and hardware. If your cabinets are dated and buying new ones is not an option then simply paint them! This is such an easy and cost effective way to completely change the look and feel of your kitchen.. Start by removing the cabinet  hardware such as the knobs and if possible remove the doors completely off their hinges. Use a high quality solvent or cleaner that will remove any oil or grease from the surfaces. Give the door fronts a good hand sanding to help the new paint adhere better to your soon to be fresh new kitchen cabinets. Apply a good primer that is specific for the type of material your cabinets are made from. (Sold wood, MDF, composite). Once your primer has dried it’s time to add some colour! This is where you can turn those old brown / tan cupboards into something totally new. I sometimes find using a small brush along with a small roller works best and is the easiest and cheapest. If you have a paint sprayer then consider spraying them for a streak-less finish. Check out this useful video on how to paint your kitchen cabinets!

Update Your Light Fixtures

This is one of my favourite and most cost effective renovations. Lighting can be  expensive if your goal is to buy the flashy high end fixtures. In my experience you can source new fixtures on sale or even second hand you will save yourself a ton of money. Online marketplaces such as kijiji and Facebook marketplace can be a good source to find product at a massive discount. Browsing your local big box stores and watching for discounts and sale items can be another great way to save. If you’re able to install lighting yourself this can be a game changer for the look of your home. If not, there are plenary of electricians willing to do this for a reasonable price. I would estimate you could easily find someone to install new fixtures for around 20-30 per light. Maybe cheaper depending on the complexity of your project.

Paint Paint Paint!

Paint your house! This one’s a no brainer. Painting can be done with some hard work and won’t break your bank account. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your house will make your space feel new and vibrant. Neutral colours such as whites and light greys are a great choice if you’re thinking of selling your home. Buyers certainly don’t want to be overwhelmed by bright yellow walls and red ceilings so choose a paint colour that not only looks great for you, but will be neutral enough that you won’t stress about it when you eventually decide to sell your home. Another added benefit is the removal of any lingering odors, that may have gotten trapped in your walls over time. Much like the new car smell it’s a definite value add! Have any questions? Contact us! We’re always willing to help even if you’re not looking to sell your house.

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