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Hi, my name is Sean Thomas, I’m an Edmonton Renovator / Developer! I’m always looking for new properties to buy in Edmonton. Let me help you escape your poorly cash flowing Rental Properties  or quickly get rid of your Tear Down House.  This is a free service. If you call the number below you’ll be connected with my Realtor, he evaluates your property and asks the right questions so I know whether or not I can buy your house. If your home is what I’m looking for, I’ll write you an offer with a quick possession date and No Realtor Fees!

Homes We Want to Buy

We Buy Reno Projects

Sell Your Home! No Matter the Condition or Location

We Buy Tear Down Homes

We Develop Infill Homes In Edmonton. No Commissions!

We Buy Rental Properties

We Hold Properties For Cash Flow. Sell your home with or without tenants.

Learn What Edmonton Home Buyers Will Pay For Your House Fast OR Slow Close

How Do Me & My Team Buy Your House Without Realtor Fees?

I understand using a Realtor to sell your house seems like a necessary evil. I also realize the fees are sometimes simply too high, especially if it’s a poor condition rental or tear down house. We work with an inhouse Realtor who will help us value your property. If I’m interested I’ll write you an offer and stomach any Realtor Commissions myself. I’ll buy your house and you won’t pay COMMISSIONS.

EdmontonHomeBuyers.ca is a website I created so my team can reach out to homeowners directly. Many times a Realtor is getting big commissions just to connect motivated sellers that we could have found ourselves! 


So how do we actually go about buying houses without using a Realtor? Much like a normal sale process it all starts with an initial tour.

Once myself or someone on my team has reviewed the house, done our homework and asked a few questions we will present you with an offer. Depending on the situation our offer may be all cash, others may include property inspection or financing conditions. Once we’ve come to a consensus on price, it’s smooth sailing!

Why We Buy Edmonton Homes

Renovation Projects

Renovation Projects

No matter the scope we buy Edmonton homes that need renovation work. Do you live in an older house with over 1,000 square feet of main floor space? What about an older condo? Call us! We’re always looking.

Infill Redevelopment

Tear Downs (infill land)

Do you live in central Edmonton? Do you have a tired older home on a large lot? We buy Edmonton homes in central neighborhoods that are ready for demolition. Call us if you have land prime for infill development!

Revenue Properties

Revenue Properties

Edmonton is known for its’ high rental rates. A perfect city for investors! We’re looking for homes in good condition with rental potential. Maybe there’s AirBnB potential or it’s a basement suited home. We’ll look at everything!

We Want To Buy Your House Fast

Do not miss the opportunity to sell your house fast with No Commissions! We’re willing to work with you. Whether that means a fast close or a longer close. No matter your situation, the condition of the house or the homes location. Give Edmonton Home Buyers a call, send us a message / text and find out how much you could sell your home for! Don’t pay hefty realtor fees until you know what we would be willing to pay. 

How Do We
Buy Your House?

You probably have a lot of questions. The best way to get the answers is to reach out! We’re always available for a phone call and will reply to all emails within  24 hours. This is a No Commission service! 

How do I know if my house is good for Infill Redevelopment?

Edmonton is a growing city with many amazing neighborhoods. Several of which are now being replaced with new homes. Do you live in Glenora, Parkview, Crestwood, Ritchie, Bonnie Doon, Holyrood, Highlands or a similar neighborhood? Is your home around 70 years old without many improvements? That’s a good indicator that your house is valuable for Infill Redevelopment!

What do you look for in renovation projects?

For renovation projects our first question is the size of the house. Do you have about 1,000 Square feet of above ground living area? This is important as it’s tough to resell a house with less than 1,000 square feet. Take a look at this helpful renovation tips we like to live by. Secondly we look for homes with lots of room for improvement! Does your kitchen, bathrooms and basement need fixing up? Great! We may be able to make you an offer on your house.

What do you look for when buying rental properties?

Rental properties need to be in relatively good condition. It’s also better if they have a basement suite or basement suite potential. Basement suite potential would mean a back door or side door that easily connects to the basement. Check out the City of Edmonton’s guide to developing a  secondary suites. Another good indicator is the location! We like to buy rental properties throughout the city but they need to be in relatively safe or up and coming neighborhoods. Check out this crime map with several useful indicators of a neighborhoods safety.

How long will it take to sell my house through Edmonton Home Buyers?

Edmonton Home Buyers tries to work within our clients needs. If you need 90 days, 30 days or want to close your property within a week we are here to work with you. However it also depends on the type of property you’re selling. Rental properties may take longer for us to buy as we will always request a conditional period for property inspection and financing. Depending on the type of Infill redevelopment opportunity or renovation property we may request the same timeline.

What happens if you do cannot make an offer on my house?

We always try to write offers on off market deals in Edmonton. If we are in a position where we cannot write an offer on your property we will do our best to help you sell your house. Whether it’s advice on ForSaleByOwner tactics or introducing you to a good realtor who specializes in your type of home. We can even introduce you to realtors who we know will offer a discount!

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